Sunday, January 3, 2010

A leter 2 my fren..


4 JANUARY 2010.

Dear Mualimah..

How r u getting on? I hope that u r as fit as a fiddle.Im quite ok over here.It have been quite some time im not seen u since we r graduated..Im miz u damn much..I heard many thing have been happening in ur life lately.I hope those thing r good 4 u..

Believe or not..I miss u n de time that we had together in UDM..I know u r not so bz right now..even being a driver 2 ur family..

im sorry 2 hear de sad news about ur car..of course i fully understand ur feelings right now..u need not feel bad about that one..i can understand that u r passing through a very difficult time at this moment as that car is meaningful 2 ur parents..

i dont have any touching advice that i can give 2 u..Anyway,what i can say is that de time will lessen ur sorrow n it is important 2 start new life..Dont b sad anymore..
u dont do it purposely..

Perhaps u may try dis one..u may find out it interesting 2 try..I got dis 1 from Peter Murfy in so..y not start 2day..
First thing first.. Allow yourself to be upset and grieve if things have gone wrong..Sometimes you might suffer from start-up inertia because you're having to make a new start and you're stubbornly holding on to the way things were.

My beloved fren..It is perfectly normal to feel panicked, upset, angry, sad,even outraged; you wouldn't be human if you didn't feel that way...i hope u r still human kind..huhu..

Take some time to get in touch with those feelings. Give your mind and body time to settle into the initial shock of change, whatever it may be. But focus primarily on how you feel and let those feelings out.

Then..Take a DEEP BREATH ...Your mind deserves it, your body deserves it, your lungs deserve it. Taking deep breaths improves circulation, calms anxiety and helps you focus...Once you're done moping, take a deep breath and start to move.cAN U DO THAT? its just simple my fren..chayok!!

Finally, SMILE and BELIEVE! Easier said than done, I know. Believe me, nothing ezy in dis world unless u try it..Believe in yourself and the things that you have accomplished and remember that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to do.

So get your blous, get your shoes, get your smile and go out into the world! Im sure now..You will feel better, be more motivated and definitely more at peace. All it takes is for you to make that first move. Don't let panic paralyze you into inertia. Anything is possible; it's
up to you to make it happen!

Believe in urself..i know who u r..but u know urself better..

Yours sincerely,

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  1. salam...
    ezah, thx very much 4 dis post. i really appreciate it...thx 4 always b wif me..u such a gud fren dat i hav.

    sy tau benda kecil je tp thx sgt.sbb sesetgh org kwn bermusim-kejap dgr khbr die,kejap x.hy cr kite bl die kite bmbng tntng xpe.dats life...xblh nk slhkan sape2..nway,syg awk!